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Katie the musk ox: From snowstorm to stardom
» Katie the musk ox: From snowstorm to stardom

Five years ago, a group of TAPS workers discovered a baby musk ox abandoned in cold winter conditions and eventually received authorization to rescue her. Since, she's inspired an award-winning children's book and become a star at the Alaska Zoo. » Story


Pipeline People

John Baldridge
» John Baldridge

One-of-a-kind. Tough. Alaskan. A proud legacy. Standing the test of time. They don't make pipelines like TAPS anymore. And they don't make pipeline people like John Baldridge anymore, either. As Baldridge approaches his 40th anniversary with Alyeska, there's a lot to reflect on. When it comes to TAPS operations and milestones, he's just about seen and done it all.
»


Pipeline Facts:

Booster Pumps are located at all pump stations to move oil from the storage tanks to the mainline.

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Pipeline Reliability

August 2016 Reliability Factor

Reliability Factor for Aug 2016


Reliability Factor for year 2016


There were 0 prorations during August that impacted the reliability factor.

There were 0 deferred barrels during August that impacted the reliability factor.

TAPS Throughput

August throughput: 14,872,570 BBLS*
Average: 479,760 BPD**

Year 2016: 125,203,085 BBLS*
Average: 513,127 BPD**

*BBLS (barrels) = 42 Gallons
**BPD = Barrels Per Day

For more information about the amount of crude oil that has been transported through TAPS, click here.

For information on reporting a pipeline emergency, click here.

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