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About Us

About Us

MISSION: Provide safe, environmentally responsible, reliable and cost-effective oil pipeline transportation from the North Slope of Alaska.

VISION: Alaska’s pipeline to the future: Safely delivering oil today – sustaining operations for tomorrow.

Alyeska Pipeline Service Company formed in 1970 to design, build, maintain and operate the Trans Alaska Pipeline System. The pipeline today is recognized as a landmark engineering feat and remains essential to Alaska’s economy and central to the state’s industry. In 2017, Alyeska celebrated the 40th anniversary of operating TAPS.

Focused on safe and flawless operations and sustainability, Alyeska today is working to respond to the challenges posed by declining throughput. Throughput peaked at 2.1 million barrels a day in 1988. It has only steadily decreased since. In 2018, Alyeska moved 509,315 barrels per day on average; in 2019, daily average dropped to 490,366. With the lower flow levels, the crude oil takes longer to reach the Valdez Terminal and the oil is colder on arrival. The slower, colder oil has more potential for water and wax to settle and drop out, and as throughput declines further, the potential for ice to form during shutdown or flowing conditions increases. Alyeska released a Low Flow Overview update in 2018 and continues making and researching modifications to respond to lower throughputs.

Alyeska is an Alaska company. Its 800 employees are proud of the pipeline’s history – one enriched by teamwork, innovation and a commitment to safety, reliability, and the integrity of TAPS. The company values its strong ties to Alaskans and to its communities, with a comprehensive philanthropy program and its unique Alaska Native Program, dedicated to creating professional growth opportunities for Alaska Natives. For information on jobs at Alyeska, visit the Employment page.

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