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Donation Guidelines

Donation Guidelines


Alyeska has modified its philanthropy funding strategy for 2020 in support of the ongoing COVID-19 response. The company will evaluate routine giving, applying a more rigorous review prior to approval. All approved funding requests and commitments, including for canceled or postponed fundraisers and events, will be maintained to minimize near-term impacts to local/statewide nonprofits. Recognizing the elevated significance of many critical health and social service nonprofits, Alyeska will monitor our communities for emergent needs and be positioned to make quick-turnaround donations to support efforts related to COVID-19. Health and social service programs will be prioritized. This funding strategy will be reviewed quarterly.

Donation requests can be submitted at


Full-time Alyeska employees qualify to use Alyeska’s matching gift and volunteer match programs. Requests can be made through Cybergrants, Alyeska’s online philanthropy management system. The link is found in the Applications section of A-net.

Under the matching gift program, employee donations of $50 or more made to qualifying Alaska nonprofit organizations will be matched by Alyeska. Employees can contribute up to $2,000 to be matched.

For the volunteer match program, employees who spend at least 25 hours in a calendar year volunteering for qualifying Alaska nonprofit organizations can apply for the organizations to receive $250. Each employee can use this benefit once per year. Through this program, an organization can receive up to $3,000 from Alyeska.

For more details and the application portal, visit Applications on the A-net.

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