WMBE Program Process

The process for enrolling a Women or Minority owned business on Alyeska's WMBE potential bidders list is as follows:

  1. Company contacts the WMBE program manager to request an application. 
  2. The program manager contacts the business to identify their area of expertise.
  3. The business is required to register online with the System for Award Management.
  4. Following submission of registration on CCR, the program manager will request additional information and/or a meeting(s) with the company to become more familiar with their product or service.
  5. Once the program manager is familiar with the WMBE's product or service that company will be introduced to appropriate Alyeska representatives to give a capabilities presentation(s) if necessary.
  6. The WMBE will be placed on an internal potential bidders list for upcoming bid opportunities.
  7. The program manager will assist in matching the qualified WMBE source list companies to appropriate Alyeska representatives as procurement opportunities are identified within Alyeska company wide.

Note: Demonstrating capability by placement on a bidder or source list does not guarantee work with Alyeska. Many other program requirements must be met such as safety, quality, staffing, environmental, etc.

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