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WMBE Qualification

Federal Regulations and Title 28 require adequate and timely consideration of minority business enterprises in Alyeska's contracting decisions. To be qualified under these guidelines, a minority group must control the business enterprise (see below).

To ensure that African American, Alaska Native, Asian American, Pacific Islanders, Hispanic and Women Business Enterprise firms benefit from procurement opportunities created by Alyeska and its contractors, the WMBE Program requires the following from WMBE businesses:
  1. Proof of ownership,
  2. Control,
  3. Management Agreement; and,
  4. Capacity, including required bonding and insurance.
Qualified WMBE businesses can be sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, or joint ventures that are at least 51% owned, controlled, and actively managed by minority group members and performing a business function or provide materials that are useful to Alyeska.
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