Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Alyeska Pipeline Service Company proactively works to minimize environmental impacts through its investment in its environmental program. Alyeska’s environmental program is infused throughoutcompany operations and consists offish and wildlife protection,employee environmental direction and leadership and company compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Alyeska's current environmental team includes Subject Matter Experts and Environmental Coordinators. Subject Matter Experts are based in Anchorage and Fairbanks, and work closely with maintenance and projects teams. Subject Matter Experts negotiate permit conditions with environmental agencies and coordinate area-specific programs for Alyeska. Environmental Coordinators work along the pipeline and at the Valdez Marine Terminal and assist with operations, maintenance, projects, and the various field-based contract groups to so that everyone is aligned with Alyeska's environmental philosophy and understands requirements and expectations.

Commitment to the environment extends beyond that department: From operations technicians to urban employees to field catering staff, all employees and contractors are regularly trained about Alyeska’s commitment to regulatory compliance and environmental protection. Awareness is maintained through the delivery of formal classes, online training, informal discussions of requirements at shift change meetings, informational signspostings , and hands-on interaction between environmental professionals and field personnel.

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